Aaron Dolezal CEO here

As we like to say throughout our company, "Everyone has a story, let us tell yours!" We are invested in the story of the individual or individuals. Whether it's a family of six, a family owned company or a large multi-national corporation. At our company we keep it simple yet complexly personal on whatever job we are on. Loving people and telling their unique story is at core of our company, my passion and the passion of the staff.

The company had its start in 2007 while I was attending the University of Iowa to follow my deep love of the art of cinema and photography. From my first Sony HandiCam and Sony photography camera is where it all grew from. I have and always will be fascinated with the awesome power of cinema, photography, and video. The power of what a fascinating story and relatable characters can stir in the emotions of people all over the world by moving images on a screen. This is a true passion of mine and it shows in our staff. The client is at the forefront and showcasing them or their company in the best manner is what are always striving for. So come along on our journey and contact us today and let us tell your story together!



“"We had such a beautiful time doing out engagement portraits at the frozen lake! We were taken care of from start to finish and adore the photos! Some of them belong on Hallmark cards!"”