At Aaron Dolezal Photography and Media, we capture more than just a great photo or video. Here, we tell cinematic stories. Whether it’s a couple finding love a second time, a startup family-owned company, a plate of food, an acrobatic routine, or a large multi-national corporation, we want to tell your journey through our photos or videos. We adore people and tell their unique stories. It runs at the core of our company, as it's the passion of everyone here. 

The company started in 2007 as Quiet Please! Productions when I attended the University of Iowa to follow my intensive love of cinematography and the visual storytelling medium. As I held my first Sony HandiCam and Canon camera, I became fascinated with the beauty of cinematography and video. Creating soul-stirring stories and relatable characters can fire up the emotions of people all over the world. This is the love that drove me to create this company and it shows in all the work that we create no matter the scope. We strive to put the client at the forefront of every project we do and showcase them in their best light. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today, invite us on your adventure, and let us tell your story together!

"We had such a beautiful time doing our engagement portraits at the picturesque lake! We were taken care of from start to finish and adore the photos! Many of our engagement photos belong on Hallmark cards!"
— Virgilia & Jason
"These were my senior portraits that were done outside and in the studio. I loved the variety that Aaron and his company provided. They have such an attention to detail and it helped show me, as I imagined. I will be back for updated photos!"
— Danielle Kenworthy
"These were lifestyle portraits of my oldest daughter, Summer done by the owner Aaron. I have never been so happy with the results of a photography session with my daughter. They are full of cinematic emotion and depth. I have this photo pictured above as a wall print framed on my wall to this day, as well as many others from her session."
— Dawn and Summer Franck